Lesley Martinez Etherly

Twitter @cntxtrmedia

Lesley Martinez Etherly, BS ABS, MS MRKT, a creative business professional who leverages her media production, behavioral science, and marketing background to develop strategies for business transformation and community development. Etherly's career spans 18 years in Chicago, developing campaigns for nonprofits and small businesses in order to increase capacity. As the founder of Contexture Media Network, she has supported the start-up development and launch of numerous women-owned businesses and with the co-formation of Velocity Brand Creative, LLC, is extending the impact by being a leader in data-driven brand transformation services that are focused on positioning women-led corporations as global enterprises. Founder, Contexture Media Network, Co-Founder, Velocity Brand Creative IG: @Cntxtr, @VelocityBrandCreative Website options: ldetherly.com, cntxtr.org, velocitybrandcreative.com