Tasha White Power Panel Speaker

Tasha White is the founder of CYCMODE -- the only studio on the planet with an immersive and virtual indoor cycling experience, paired with bikes that move. In 2015, while on the hunt to find a new form of working out, Tasha fell in love with indoor cycling. It literally began to change her life, and she found herself seeking workouts that pushed her to unknown limits -- she did not find what she was looking for. Craving a new experience in the world of cycling studios, Tasha wanted to create a place where riders are fully immersed. Her pursuit of a modern cycling workout was the birthing of CYCMODE. Tasha received her degree in Communications at PVAMU. She worked as a HR executive, to include 8-years at The Coca-Cola Company where she worked as the Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion leading D&I strategies across 200+ countries. She resigned from corporate America one-month before CYCMODE opened its doors. Find out more about CYCMODE at cycmode.com.